AD-I: Demon's Hand

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Demon's Hand is a "thread" that started around January 1998, and has so far spanned 14 chapters. Here are the people who participate in the thread, along with their characters:
bill (that's me!) Qki email
Greg Brashier Ifreet email
Hmmrfst Hammer email
Kobara Talabrina and Muffy email
Neutronium Dragon Granite email
Tina Miller Sala and Pine email
Wolfshead Talonn and Kaa email
These two were in the thread in the beginning but had to drop out:
Midnite Raye email
Ptolemy Airel and Dragon email

...and now, the story!

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

Chapter 2: The Next Morning

Chapter 3: In Search of...the Mill

Chapter 4: Meeting the Wizard

Chapter 5: Fighting Goblins

Chapter 6: Aftermath

Chapter 7: Exploring the Castle

Chapter 8: Conversation and Combat

Chapter 9: Tabling the Discussion

Chapter 10: Sala, Meet the Demon. Demon, Meet Sala

Chapter 11: Public Drunkenness

Chapter 12: Weapons of Demonkind

Chapter 13: In Out of the Rain

Chapter 14: Duplicity?

Chapter 15: A Demon Approaches

Chapter 16: Catastrophe

Chapter 17: A New Day

Chapter 18: Conflict in the Mesa

Chapter 19: Resolution

If you want to save these chapters as text instead of HTML, here's a handy table of files for you. Enjoy!
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19

How was it done?

I've written a little parsing program to take the "standard" ad-i format and convert it into something legible in HTML. If you're interested, the C source code for adi2html is here.

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