Heuristics Inc's Album-A-Day project: "a very serious crime"

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Most of the album was recorded using Acid, my multitracking program of choice, unless noted otherwise.

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1. emphatic enzymatica
A prelude. It has no lyrics, and also a title that doesn't really have anything to do with the story. But it's a prelude. When you're working with phrases from your spam mail for an entire album, you take what you can get. I'm surprised I had enough titles to make a coherent story at all.

2. consumer alert
Music done using Audiomulch. Vocal added with Acid.
consumers are advised to exercise care in the handling of the product.
brain damage may result from improper use of the product.
the consumer, by using the product, acknowledges that any use of the product is at the consumer's own risk.
under no circumstances shall the manufacturer be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from use of the product.
This is a literary device known as "foreshadowing." "Backshadowing"? Or maybe it's just something that happened in the story, I don't know. English wasn't my best subject.

3. cycliclamplight
Audiomulch processing of three different samples of the words:
Thanks to Mobile Sound Unit also for use of his Sprouter VST that makes it sound so cool. Also doesn't really have much to do with the story, but I liked the sound of the words. And, symbolically, it has a lot to do with the mental state of the main character after the events in track 2.

4. blind date
A pop tune! Ok, maybe not.
going on a blind date
never done this before
i think it must be fate
i feel it down to the core

i'm going to meet this girl
going to take her home now
time to give it a whirl
so what i don't know how

i know that she's the one
she's the woman for me
we'll never be undone
i'm sure she will agree

5. your fantasy becomes real
Live singing through vocoder.

6. 100% safe
The first song I finished for the album, although the third one I started on. I think it kind of shaded the direction the rest of the thing was going to take. I didn't really figure out the overarching storyline until about the 7th song (chronologically speaking) or so.
you're safe with me
let yourself go

i swear that nothing
could ever happen to you

100% safe
here with me

nothing will happen
you'll be safe here with me

tied up in my basement
you'll be 100% safe

7. our prime concern
our prime concern
is always your safety
the sooner that you learn
the sooner we'll be happy

our prime concern
is this relationship
now it's your turn
don't you let it slip

8. Be careful
Initial sound processing done in Audiomulch, then taken into Acid for the incorporation of additional sounds.
be careful
don't make me angry
you better behave
or i'll have to discipline you

9. everyone wants to be a part
An instrumental. An important event happens here. See? It's exciting music.

10. this is a real hit
This is about the time (7th track chronologically) that I figured out what the whole story was about. I like that sort of seat-of-the-pants approach to writing concept albums, luckily it worked out ok.
you made me do this
i was happy
but you made me mad
you made me do this
now it's time
to teach you a lesson
this is a real hit

11. all we can give
An instrumental, in which disturbing sounds are heard. At the end. I hope the listener can tell what the sounds are and what they mean.

12. the truth is inside
...and the final track, the last one on the album, and oddly enough the first track I started working on in the morning.
i built a locked box
and wrapped in old socks
the truth is inside
buried in a landslide

i can't bear to see
the truth won't set me free
if it tells its tale
i'm going straight to jail
I'm hoping the main character gets his comeuppance, personally, but I left it kind of open. Draw your own conclusions.

...and finally, my "album a day" diary:

Ok, I've got coffee, I've got equipment. I'm taking some inspiration from Brad Sucks and trying to get all the titles of songs from 
spam messages that I get today.

1:13 song 1's music is maybe complete (2:00) song 2 ... um. song 3 complete: "100% safe" (2:26)
1:47 song 4 complete: "cycliclamplight" (1:12)
2:19 song 1 complete: "the truth is inside" (2:00)
3:31 song 2 complete: "everyone wants to be a part" (1:08)
4:13 song 5 complete: "consumer alert" (2:26) this album is pretty dark so far, at marked contrast to the beautiful day outside. but now it's time to take a shower!
5:31 song 6 complete: "emphatic enzymatica" (3:12)
6:29 song 7 complete: "this is a real hit" (:51) i'm enjoying taking these quotes from spam and turning them into nasty things. heh heh.
7:06 song 8 complete: "all we can give" (1:15)
7:48 song 9 complete: "your fantasy becomes real" (2:17) ...and now it is time for PIZZA.
9:25 song 10 complete: "blind date" (1:15) believe it or not, after all this the album has become a CONCEPT ALBUM, with a narrative going throughout the whole thing. weird, eh?
9:53 song 11 complete: "our prime concern" (1:24)
11:12 song 12 complete: "be careful" (1:33) ok, all the songs are now finished. i also have a track order that makes sense with the story. i'm listening to all the tracks to make sure that they make musical sense in that order too. next, assuming all goes well, is mastering.
1:32 mastering complete. the song order made enough sense for me to say "ok, it's done." phew!
2:16 AM Ok, I'm officially calling it done. That makes it 15:36 total time reqired. This has all been very exhausting. I'm tired.
Total time: 12 tracks, 21:04