Bill's Creativeness

This page is mostly about fiction writing. There are several collaborative writing groups that I have taken part in over the years.


One of my current characters in the Nexus is Joshua. A webpage of his story may be found here.

I have a couple more characters from there, but I haven't collected their stories together here yet... stay tuned.

One of my old collaborative writing groups was a newsgroup called alt.dragons-inn. I took part in a long story called "Demon's Hand" there, and I archived the stories for posterity on this page.
Here is some kinda old stuff:

Lately I've stopped working on the B-movie (although you can still read Chapter 50 if you'd like.

Right now I'm working on a fantasy story about a knight named Shelarcher. It started out as a short story, but then I decided that his story was more than that, and needed to be told. So now that first bit is Chapter 1. I've got a lot of writing ahead of me... :)

Here's some really old stuff:

I've also started to dabble a little into electronics (at least as far as they apply to making noisy little gadgets for music). I built PAiA's Fatman, a little bas synthesizer. It was a real pleasure to build, and the kit was wonderful. I highly suggest checking out PAiA's homepage. The staff there is great about helping out with any problems you might have!

I also have the schematic for a nice simple distortion pedal. We built it a while back. It's kinda neat, only there's no controls on it to vary the effect. No big deal, really. It sounds pretty nasty - sometimes like a chainsaw or something, when I run my synth through it. Also interesting to run my acoustic guitar through it (heh, heh).

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