The World Remixes Heuristics Inc.

A couple of Heuristics Inc. songs have been made available for people around the world to remix. Watch this space for information on new remixes!

Remix Project #2: Soft Orange Glow

The RemixFight competition is over! Hear the mixes submitted so far! Keep an eye on this space or the HInc mailing list for updates on this project! The remixes are great, and will make an excellent CD...

Remix Project #1: Anemone

The first HInc remix project was a complete success! The CD is now available! For more information check out anemone.

Buy the CD at homemademusic!

Heuristics Inc. Remixes the World

Lately I've been getting more involved in remixing songs that other artists did... I've been enjoying the process of putting the Heuristics Inc. stamp on lots of different songs! I always enjoy doing remixes. If you have a track that needs remixing let me know! If I've got time I'll give it a shot! [an error occurred while processing this directive]