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Heuristics Inc. Albums

Heuristics Inc. & Matt Howarth - Romance in the Mylar Garden ..........Buy it from CDBaby
A dazzling multi-media release featuring electronica/ambient/soundscape music by Heuristics Inc that is a soundtrack for an exciting sci-fi graphic story (included on the CD as a PDF file) by internationally infamous artist Matt Howarth.
Includes tracks:
1. The Solar Sail Farm 6:22
2. Alien Maurauders with Scimitars 1:48
3. Among the Mylar Petals 5:53
4. The Maintenance Mech 2:37
5. Inside the Asteroid 4:13
6. Chased by Pirates 4:55
7. Trapped in Someone Else's Fantasy 7:41
8. The Process of Becoming Unbeguiled 1:55
9. An Accidental Digital Afterlife 9:01
10. Cybernetic Regrets 3:51
11. The Xenotech's Verdict 4:51
12. A Customized Soulmate 3:52

Heuristics Inc. - Live @ Midsummer Night's Germination ..........Buy it from BandCamp
On 17 June 2006, Tapegerm held a live streaming event where members uploaded new loops and then made mixes using those loops. A few members did live sets using the new mixes, and these two tracks represent Heuristics Inc.'s two sets of live music made with the loops and a few live staples. Some songs are completely improvised using the new loops, some are Heuristics Inc. concert classics, and the tracks are presented as they were performed, warts and all. As a bonus when you order the album, I'll add a "behind the music" file that explains the stories behind the tracks.
Includes tracks:
1. Set 1 (29:58)
2. Set 2 (24:44)

Heuristics Inc. - Live from the middle of nowhere ..........Available from CDBaby OR here!
Heuristics Inc. goes live!
Includes tracks:
1. ....Living in the Basement
2. On the Maginot Line
3. anemone (ambient mix)
4. Nemo.s Descent into the Dreamworld (quiet version)
5. Bremsstrahlung
6. Soft Orange Glow (Copper Waves mix)
7. One-Sided Finale
8. Angel Falls
9. Just because I remember doesn't mean I care
10. Paleozoic Predators Pt. 1
11. Paleozoic Predators Pt. 2
12. Intermittent 3
13. Elegy for the Small Town Life
14. Life Jacket Madness
15. He looks like poison
16. Happiness in Marriage
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Heuristics Inc. - Missing Architecture ..........Buy it from Soutrane Recordings
Improvised tracks recorded between 1995 and 2003.
Includes tracks:
1. self-evident
2. Moonmine
3. Seville Suit
4. A widened chasm in her heartbeat
5. On Caradhras
6. Vanilla Addicts
7. Decompression
8. Caveman Stomp
9. Mesozoic Messianistic
10. Organ Loaner
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Heuristics Inc. - Your domestic problems are completely solved ..........Available from CDBaby OR here!
A collection of Heuristics Inc./Tapegerm tracks created between October 2002 and April 2003.
Includes tracks:
1. That's good... No, that's bad!
2. An Ill-Advised Break-In at Karate School
3. Loop Injection
4. Der Freiheitskampfer
5. Nemo's Descent into the Dreamworld
6. Phenomenology
7. Veiled Malice
8. Caffeine Psychosis
9. Horizontical
10. Return of the Robots
11. ....Living in the Basement
12. Regeneration
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Heuristics Inc. vs. the World - anemone ..........Available here!
Anemone is a track improvised by Heuristics Inc. as a part of a longer ambient improvisation session. After recording the track I decided to release this section, and then also provide samples from the track to other artists for remixing. I was impressed with the response. 12 different artists submitted remixes, all very different but with a common thread.
Includes tracks:
1. Anemone (original Heuristics Inc. version)
2. Anemone (Arthur Loves Plastic remix)
3. lesson one
4. Anemone Specimen (Odd One Out remix)
5. Anemone (AutoCad Remix)
6. Anemone (Aeon Circle remix)
7. Anemone (Heuristics Inc. FLP Mix)
8. Anemone (Mobile Sound Unit Mix 2)
9. lesson two
10. Anemone (Mental Anguish's Brood Mix)
11. Anemone: Nematocyst Mix (John Ingram)
12. Anemone of My Friend is My Enema (CRT remix)
13. Anemone (Clubgoers Remix)
14. Anemone's Allamony (adamisgod remix)
15. lesson three
16. Anemone (Dave Akuma remix)
17. Anemone (Mobile Sound Unit Mix 1)
18. Anemone (composite.human remix)
19. Anemone (kantor remix)
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Heuristics Inc. - Fluffy Dinosaur Attack! ..........Available here!
Heuristics Inc.'s long-awaited first collection of Tapegerm mixes! The electronic styles on this album range from danceable to ambient, from film soundtracks to experimental songs. Tapegerm is a loop-based music collective; members share loops and sounds and compose mixes using the loop pool. All mixes on this CD were created between December 2001 and September 2002 by Heuristics Inc.
Includes tracks:
1. In the Lair of the Zombie Kittens
2. The Frogman Cometh
3. Broadband Sleeplessness
4. Symmetricity Part 1
5. The Sound of Inevitability
6. Roots Exposed
7. The Kraken Retreats
8. Life in Absentia
9. Clash of the Protozoans
10. Manifest Destiny
11. Rasta Raga Mosh
12. Mecharoach!
13. Symmetricity Part 2
14. Firefly Graveyard
15. Convergence
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Side Projects

Brainpipe - The Goo Sessions ..........Available here!
Improvised dub post-rock! The results of a weekend jam session between The Supreme Commander and Dr. Lumps. What can survive in the primordial goo? Only the screams of machines. Three long dark jams and one short silly thing.
Includes tracks:
1. Hail to the Goo
2. Goorilla Dub
3. Neck Deep in Goo
4. Goona Make You Sweat
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Album-A-Day Projects

Heuristics Inc. - A Flash in the Pan ..........Buy it from FREE DOWNLOAD!
The second Heuristics Inc. Album-A-Day project. All the tracks were created in a span of 13.5 hours on 17 June 2007, oddly enough on almost the third anniversary of my first AAD.
Includes tracks:
1. Got Your Number
2. Uncertainty
3. Full
4. Vox Nihili
5. Goolish

Heuristics Inc. - "a very serious crime" ..........Buy it from FREE DOWNLOAD!
The first Heuristics Inc. Album-A-Day project. All the tracks were created in a span of 15.5 hours on 20 June 2004.
Includes tracks:
1. emphatic enzymatica
2. consumer alert
3. cycliclamplight
4. blind date
5. your fantasy becomes real
6. 100% safe
7. our prime concern
8. Be careful
9. everyone wants to be a part
10. this is a real hit
11. all we can give
12. the truth is inside

Compilation Albums featuring Heuristics Inc. tracks

Various Artists - organbient - longform ambient compilation vol 1 ..........Buy it from Blue Water Records
Brace yourself for a gigantic collection of some of the most immersive ambient music you have heard anywhere. this compilation, a benefit release for stillstream.com, has no fewer than 22 longform ambient pieces. with each track ranging in length from just over 30 minutes up to nearly 100 minutes, this release has more than 17 uninterrupted hours of pure ambient goodness. yes, you read that right: 17 hours of music.
Includes tracks:
1. Adversity (BONUS HInc track available nowhere else!)

Various Artists - Project Glitch ..........Buy it from Mixonic
Another "mix" project run by Thomas of mystified. He supplied us with a set of "glitchy" samples and we created songs using them. This one uses some of his loops and a few of my own sounds.
Includes tracks:
1. Eyelash Viper

Various Artists - Project Drone ..........Buy it from Mixonic
Dronology is a form of music championed in the eighties by various art groups and developed through the nineties and up to today by artists such as Robin Storey and others. Dronology involves the use of repetition, long phrases, and interesting sounds to create hypnotic textures. See what 9 excellent artists can do with a set of "drone" loops- and there's little they can't!
Includes tracks:
1. circuits underneath stars

The World vs. Random - What Fury ..........Album is no longer available
Random (AKA John Ingram) provided loops from his song "What Fury" to remixers around the world. Excellent remix compilation!
Includes tracks:
1. What Fury (Heuristics Inc. Approved Thievery Mix)

Mental Anguish - Reign of Locusts Maxi Single 1 ..........Album is no longer available
Mental Anguish provided loops through megascorpion.com from his song "Reign of Locusts." This CD includes my mix. A second remix CD also contains some great remixes.
Includes tracks:
1. Reign of Locusts (Heuristics Inc. Regression Therapy Mix)

Arthur Loves Plastic - Fixed Star Remixes Two ..........Buy it from MusicBuilder
Arthur Loves Plastic provided loops from the album "Fixed Star" featuring the excellent vocals of Lisa Moscatiello. This CD includes my remix of "Alone."
Includes tracks:
1. Alone, lost, and wand'ring in circles (Heuristics Inc.)

Various Artists - The Butcher is My Friend ..........Album is no longer available
A tribute album made by members of the JBC's fan discussion group. 2 CDs of covers of Jazz Butcher tunes and a very cool compilation. Unfortunately the CD is not available for sale. Contact me if you'd like to hear my contribution...
Includes tracks:
1. Penguins

Compilations featuring Heuristics Inc. Tapegerm tracks

Tapegerm - Germination 38 ..........Buy it from HomeMadeMusic
The 38th Tapegerm "regular track" CD.
Includes tracks:
1. An Ill-Advised Break-In at Karate School

Tapegerm - Germination 31 ..........Buy it from HomeMadeMusic
The 31st Tapegerm "regular track" CD.
Includes tracks:
1. Symmetricity Parts 1 & 2

Tapegerm - Germination 28 ..........Buy it from HomeMadeMusic
The 28th Tapegerm "regular track" CD.
Includes tracks:
1. Rasta Raga Mosh

Tapegerm - Germination 26 ..........Buy it from HomeMadeMusic
The 26th Tapegerm "regular track" CD.
Includes tracks:
1. Clash of the Protozoans

Tapegerm - Germination 23 ..........Buy it from HomeMadeMusic
The 23rd Tapegerm "regular track" CD.
Includes tracks:
1. The Sound of Inevitability

Tapegerm - Germination 22 ..........Buy it from HomeMadeMusic
The 22nd Tapegerm "regular track" CD.
Includes tracks:
1. Manifest Destiny

Compilations featuring remixes of Heuristics Inc. tracks

Arthur Loves Plastic - Nadir ..........Buy it from Mixonic
Arthur Loves Plastic's Nadir includes her remix of the Heuristics Inc. song "anemone." An excellent album with lots of standout tracks! I especially like "Error" :)
Includes tracks:
1. Anemone (Heuristics Inc. vs. ALP)