Heuristics Inc. Live in Concert!

Heuristics Inc. sometimes plays live shows, on stage as well as internet streaming concerts. On this page you can find upcoming shows, a historical record of all the shows so far, and even some recordings of the concerts available at HeuristicsInc.com!

Upcoming Shows

17 May 2009 Songfight! Presents @ NYC, NY A Songfight Presents show. The first live appearance of Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints, with special guest Roymond! It is at Sidewalk Cafe at 94 Ave A. DB&tI time to be decided, but sometime between 9pm and 12am.

Past Live History

19 January 2008 Songfight! Presents @ Brooklyn, NY A Songfight Presents show. It was in a very interesting place called Goodbye Blue Monday.
18 August 2007 Songfight! Live 2007 The first live appearance of electronic duo Brainpipe! Live in Atlanta GA!
5 May 2007 Tapegerm's Contagion A Tapegerm all-day event including "found sounds" and a live event, which was broadcast into Second Life.
12 Dec 2006 NOMUSIC Festival X HInc's 5th appearance in the NOMUSIC series. About a half hour of HInc in one channel, International Garbageman in the other. HInc preceded by Mental Anguish.
11 Nov 2006 Blue Water Drift Dive @ StillStream Internet concert on ambient radio station stillstream.com. Two sets, 9 tracks, 87:58 total time.
17 June 2006 Tapegerm's A Midsummer Night's Germination Tapegerm live event, in the style of "24 Hour Flu".
1 Apr 2006 Songfight Presents in Wayne PA HInc's first live appearance with vocals, my first SongFight concert, and second concert on stage.
11 Oct 2005 NOMUSIC Arena II HInc's 4th appearance in the NOMUSIC series. 32 mins of music due to absence of one performer.
15 Jul 2005 Tapegerm 24 Hour Flu Tapegerm celebrates its 5 year anniversary with a special live event! HInc plays two sets, 57 mins total.
9 Jun 2004 Ambientlive 2k4mk2 Internet reperformance of AL2k4 material with extra songs. Recorded for later CD release. 49 minutes.
22 May 2004 Ambientlive 2k4 HInc plays first show on stage to rave reviews! No known recording exists.
16 Dec 2003 NOMUSIC Final Battle Internet concert - HInc plays in one channel, PILON44 in the other. One improv, 25 minutes
7 Oct 2003 Heuristics Inc. special concert Internet concert - HInc plays concert for the fun of it. Two sets, 29 mins.
15 Apr 2003 NOMUSIC Tournament V Internet concert - HInc plays second live event - 13 minutes long, including two exclusive tracks
10 Dec 2002 NOMUSIC Tournament IV Internet concert - HInc plays first live event - 22 minutes long
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