Heuristics Inc. 101

New to the Heuristics Inc. universe? Here's a brief summary of what you can find at this site! Read on!

Where to start?

The Heuristics Inc. is primarily a showcase for my biggest creative endeavor, music. I do electronic music, including instrumentals, vocal songs, remixes, and improvisations. First thing to do would be to check out one of each of those and see what you think of them. Feel free to leave comments on any of the songs on their respective pages!

I want to hear some more!

There are a couple things you can do. Use the toolbar on the left side of every page to see different pages containing HInc songs. Or, you can try the handy Stream Random Tracks link to hear a completely new 5-song playlist created just for you.

Ok, the music was cool. Can I buy some?

Yes, you can! Check out the Discography page for information on what albums are available!

And what about other cool HInc merchandise?

There's an awesome T-Shirt that was created by a guy named Bortwein at PixelTees.

Enough of this crass commercialism, what about free stuff?

Well, just about all of the music I've made is available on the website. There's also some fiction I wrote, alone or with some other people. The first thing to check out there would probably be Joshua's story, "Loss".

But I want to talk too!

The blog system at Heuristics Inc. has a guestbook. I'd love to know who's visiting the site! Also, I have a web email form available at Contact HInc. Drop me a line, it's perfectly safe!